• Exhibition of graphics “ Nude in the retro style” in Quality House, Jerusalem Art Center. Israel

    Playing with Eternity

    Our world is of various textures: sand and stone, water and clay… That’s why the time flows and sprinkles down, and the life cracks and fractures. Firstly it crumbles, and then disintegrates, whirling far and wide, like a pillar of musty dust, and covering mirrors, picture frames, old photos.

    A photo only imagines itself to be a reality, a fact or a document. Actually it is nothing but an illusion, or rather delusion; it is a chemical reaction of factual with fake, which releases non-controlled energy of fantasy. A friend of mine, a photographer, once said, “Focus – that’s what essential in our field…” And it is hocus-pocus indeed! Haven’t we seen, under the red light of a photo lantern, as white becomes black, a negative becomes a positive?

    And after that it is a matter of not chemistry, but rather alchemy. Anatoly Baratynsky is an artful professional. He can transmute lead into gold, photos into graphic works, faces into images, and sanguineous women into ethereal beauties, who seem to be woven from light, shades and illusions. These fairies, inhabiting the looking glass world, emanate their incorporeal sensuality and the iciness of their ardor. Their kisses are of the chastest nature, their eroticism is penetrative. But one hardly can share a nuptial bed with this fairy, nor gladdens she one’s heart.

    By the way, Baratynsky’s artworks are far from superfluous sensuality; as an artist, he is far from decadence. He is fascinated with formal searches, as some kind of a play. Searches for texture, for delicate relations between stains, lines, and ranges. As for the invincible romanticism and unflinching sentimentalism, they are inherent in our hearts and in each photo. Any photo is gloomy in its own way, since photography is a requiem for bygone moments, and each hatch of his artwork is a scratch on the heart, a graduation mark on the scale of Eternity.

    Khaidar Kulbarisov